Useful links for teachers

In addition to its educational tools, the AMF provides several links that may be useful in preparing for your classes or your classroom activities.

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Académie du trésor

L'Académie du Trésor is a non-profit organization that uses a dynamic approach to provide financial tools and knowledge that young people aged 10 to 20 need to learn in a school setting.


The Bourstad competition introduces students to the stock market through an on-line activity that simulates stock trading. The school version can be integrated into different secondary, CEGEP or university-level courses (in French only).

The CBA's Your Money program

The program for young Canadians offered by the Canadian Bankers Association was created to provide tools to understand the importance of money management at home and in the classroom. Young people learn about real-life financial subjects and how to take control of their finances.

Charly & Max Get Involved! - Desjardins

Interactive games to help children age 6 to 11 learn how to manage their first dollars.


Cirano invites Secondary V and CEGEP students to participate in pedagogical interactive experiences that allow to easily understand numerous economic concepts.

The City

The City is a free, teacher resource to help young Canadians improve their knowledge of today's financial universe. Understanding basic concepts such as budgeting and saving, credit and debt and financial planning will arm students with the tools they need to navigate the financial realities of adulthood. The City is a joint initiative of the Financial Consumer Agency of Canada and the British Columbia Securities Commission. The City in Québec is specifically adapted for Québec teachers.

Consommer sans illusion (Consume without illusion)

The ACEF Estrie's Consommer sans illusion website is for young Quebeckers age 15 to 25. It provides them with basic information about personal finances and gives them tools to help them avoid the many pitfalls of consumerism. (In French only)

Fais ton budget (Make a budget)

A website produced by Laval University for students. Fais ton budget stresses the importance of making a budget to avoid debt. (In French only)

Financial Literacy in Elementary

Société GRICS offers learning resources to help elementary-level students establish the foundations of sound personal financial skills.

La Dictée P.G.L.

The Dictée P.G.L. offers financial education tools to students from kindergarten to second year of high school. (In French only)

Personal Finance: I'm in charge TM

A modular classroom-based financial education program for young adults and recent immigrants offered in several regions by Desjardins Group Partners.

School caisse

The school caisse website has a section for elementary school teachers. Turnkey activities use math, French and social studies classes to explain the concepts of money, consumption, savings and work in a way that is easy to understand.

Talk with our kids about money

This Canadian Foundation For Economic Education program supports teachers who want to to integrate financial education into their school curriculum. Activities and resources are offered for several subject matters. Among these tools is a Money Fair teacher's guide for organizing this event in your school.

Youth and finance - Desjardins

Educational resources created by Desjardins Group for elementary and secondary school teachers. Activities, including games and videos, in line with the school curriculum.