The Talking money in class! contest

Here are the winners of the Talking money in class! contest, which will return in the fall!

Congratulations to the five teachers who each won a cash prize of $1,000 in the 2018 edition of the contest:

  • Jean-François Beaudet, Collège Saint-Charles-Garnier (Québec City)
  • Dominique Castonguay, Centre de formation générale des adultes de la Rivière-du-Nord (Saint-Jérôme)
  • Sylvain Lacroix, Cégep de Rivière-du-Loup
  • Véronique Payeur, Institut Secondaire Keranna (Trois-Rivières)
  • Kim Payne, Séminaire des Pères Maristes (Québec City)

The 2019 Talking money in class! contest will be held this fall, offering teachers another chance to win cash prizes.

The contest is open to elementary school, secondary school, college and adult education teachers and has two objectives: to give teachers an opportunity to discover the many in-class financial education tools available in Québec and to help improve the personal financial literacy of as many students as possible.

This initiative ties in with the action plan of the Québec financial education strategy, a major project coordinated by the AMF and aimed at improving the financial health of Quebeckers.

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