Secondary School Financial Education Program

Videos and a full set of teaching activities!

The AMF and Tesaffaires.com have produced three videos to support teachers of the secondary school Financial Education Program.

Watch one of the videos in class to start a discussion about a personal finance issue covered by the program, introduce a course subject, or review certain concepts.

The AMF has also partnered with the Commission des normes, de l’équité, de la santé et de la sécurité du travail (CNESST), the Office de la protection du consommateur and Revenu Québec to offer a set of complementary teaching activities that build on the program competency Takes a position on a financial issue.

Find out (French only) how these activities fit in the secondary school Financial Education Program.


ActivityTeacher's GuideStudent sheet
Using a Budget to Improve Your Finances  
Credit Cards: How much do they cost?  
When to Start Saving  
How to Start Investing  
Borrowing: Choosing the right type of credit    


Also consult the activities offered by AMF partners:

CNESST – Zone Enseignants The Teachers section of the CNESST website includes activities specific to the financial issues Entering the workforce and Pursuing an education.
OPC – Zone EnseignantsThe Teachers section of the OPC website presents activities specific to the financial issue Consuming goods and services.

Revenu Québec

Revenu Québec presents specific activities for the Entering the Workforce and Consuming Goods and Services issues.