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Short glossary of home insurance

Ready to shop for home insurance? Here is a short glossary of the vocabulary used by insurers to use as a reference.

Endorsement (or "rider")

A document that modifies your home insurance contract. It may add or remove coverage. For example, the coverage for video games is limited in a standard policiy. If you are a serious collector, you could ask to add an endorsement to cover the entire collection.


This is the amount of money you yourself must pay in the event of a covered loss. For example, if your bicycle, with a replacement cost of $700, was stolen, you would have to pay the deductible to replace it, say $300, and your insurer would pay the balance, or $400.

Insured amount

You must determine how much you would like to be insured for. The best way to do this is to calculate, room by room, what amount it would take you to replace everything with something new. This has a direct impact on the premium.


The amount you must pay to obtain property and liability insurance. Most insurers allow you to spread the premium payments to maintain insurance coverage.


Be sure you receive a renewal offert from your insurer. Check whether there are any increases to the premium and any changes to the contract.

Have you found a better price or better conditions from another insurer? Tell your current insurer before the renewal date to avoid fees.

Civil liability

This is important insurance coverage that protects you if you are held liable for accidental damage caused to others.


Unforeseen event that causes damage, like a fire or vandalism.