I want to rent my own apartment

Is my roommate covered by my home insurance?

Two months ago, Jade moved in with Loïc. Based on the advice of friends, she bought tenant insurance to cover her property and liability.

Loïc cannot afford tenant insurance. He thinks that if there's a fire or theft, he will be able to ask Jade to submit a claim for his things as well...

Loïc thinks he's saving money, but he runs the risk of having some problems. He is not included in the definition of the insured on Jade's contract. Even worse, if Jade, in an attempt to help Loïc after a loss, tries to make her insurer believe that all the property in the apartment belongs to her, she is the one who risks having problems. She could be refused the entire claim and have problems getting insurance afterwards.

The solution? Jade could add Loïc as a named insured in the policy and adjust the amount of the insurance. Loïc could also buy is own insurance.