I want to rent my own apartment

Home insurance: Is it compulsory?

The answer is no, but it is essential nevertheless. Why?

Suppose your kitchen accidentally caught fire and the fire spread to the entire building. You would have to replace everything you owned... furniture, electronics, sports equipment, textbooks, etc. Even if you bought things second-hand, your budget would certainly be impacted for quite some time.

But what would have a greater impact on your budget would be if the landlord were to sue you for all the damage to your building. Of course the landlord probably has insurance, but his insurer could claim the cost from the party at fault for the damage... which would be you!

Shop around and save

Shop around to find the insurance that best suits your needs and your budget. Are you a student, financially dependent on your parents? Ask them to check with their insurer whether you are already covered, for what risks and for what amount. Don't hesitate to ask an insurance representative for advice. There is basic coverage to be had at competitive prices.

If you have a co-tenant

Wondering whether you are both covered automatically? the answer is: no! Discuss your situation with an insurance broker or agent to find the best way of covering the property and the civil liability of both of you.