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Saving on your grocery bill

Is it possible to cut on your grocery bill? Certainly! Many organizations, such as the associations coopératives d'économie familiale (ACEF) in Québec, have examined the issue and have compiled some tips. Here are a few of them.

1. Have a shopping list in hand

This means you must plan in advance what you should buy. Take the time to scan your cupboards to see what is left, and think about what you would like to eat.

2. Take advantage of specials

Many stores now post their fliers on-line. Check what the specials are before making up your list.

3. Buy the house brands

Here's a challenge: buy only house brands the next time you go grocery shopping. There is little likelihood that you will taste any difference, but your wallet will feel better!

4. Shop when you are not hungry

Everything looks good when you are hungry! The size of your bill is likely to be in proportion to your apetite at shopping time, as you are likely to buy more things than you really need.

5. Cook in a group

Buy in bulk, cook together, and share everything! This is one way to reduce your costs (and effort) and to have more fun at the same time.