I want to pay for my education

Insurance charges on your university tuition bill: Are they compulsory?

Student associations often negociate insurance for their members, covering things such as vision care, dental care, prescription drugs, etc. The premium, which can be as much as $200 per year, automatically appears on your tuition bill for the current session.

Need insurance?

If you need this type of insurance, this arrangement may suit you perfectly. On the other hand, if you are already covered by your parents or your employer, this charge might not be necessary. Nevertheless, it is important that you pay your tuition bill in full in order to benefit from all the services offered. For example, if you failed to pay a portion of your bill, the university might refuse to give you your marks.

To opt out of the program

Solution? Take a good look at your bill and find out immediately what the procedure is to withdraw from the program. It is generally possible to do so during the first few weeks of the fall term; after that, you cannot withdraw until the following year. Before doing so, compare the coverage provided by your student plan with that of your employer or your parents, as you might be depriving yourself of coverage that you need. For example, some plans do not cover vision care or travel insurance.


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