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Six tips to reduce your car insurance premium

It's a well-known fact: it generally costs more to get insurance when you are young. Fortunaltely, there are some tips that can help you lower the amount of your car insurance premium.

1- Maintain a good driving record

You will enjoy the discounts granted to car owners who have not had any tickets or accidents.

2- Raise your deductible

This generally brings your premium down; but be sure you can afford to pay the deductible should an accident occur!

3- Review your coverage

Discuss each coverage item with your agent, and determine whether you really need it.

4- Install an anti-theft device

You could save on the theft portion of your insurance. But first, check whether the discount makes it worthwhile!

5- Shop around for your car

Some models cost more to insure because they are at greater risk (for theft, for example). Also, older cars generally cost less to insure. Check out the cost of insurance before buying your vehicle.

6- Shop around for your insurance

If you want to be sure of getting the best premium with the protection you need, shop around for your insurance. You can save hundreds of dollars!