I want to avoid financial fraud

A job as a mystery client that doesn’t pay very well

Imagine receiving a cheque along with a letter telling you that you've been chosen to become a mystery client.

A mystery client is a person hired by a firm to evaluate for example the customer service provided by a business.

In this case, you're told that you have to cash the cheque and use the funds for various purposes. For instance, you're asked to evaluate the service of a money transfer business by transferring part of the money to someone whose contact information is provided to you.

The cheque looks normal... The offer seems unbelievable! In fact, it is. The fraudster hope that you'll transfer the money before your financial institution finds out that it's a forged cheque. You'll be left with having to pay the funds you transferrred.

It's good to be sceptical about any offer that seems to good to be true.